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History Posters

Reconciliation Manningham is pleased to present several mini-posters on historic figures and events. They can each be copied and printed off in colour on A4 or A3 paper, for public or classroom display. 


Aboriginal Cricketers Beat England

A celebration of the achievements of the 1868 Aboriginal cricket team, the first Australian team to beat the English. 


Aboriginal Leader, William Barak

A synopsis of the life achievements of the famed 19th century Aboriginal Leader.


John Batman

Although Batman was a liar, swindler, lecher, and murderer, he was lionised by many as ‘a good bloke’.


William Buckley, Escaped Convict

The escaped convict who spent 32 years with the Kulin, had a significant role in preparing Aboriginal people for the inevitable invasion.


Charlie Samuels, Aboriginal Fastest Runner Ever

An Aboriginal sprinter in the 1880’s whose times were better than Usain Bolt and Carl Lewis, but he remains virtually unknown.


William Cooper, Aboriginal Rights Advocate

The famed 20th century Aboriginal civil rights leader who now belatedly has a federal electorate named after him.



A description of the traditional Aboriginal football game that inspired the development of Australian Rules Football.


John Helder Wedge

The surveyor in Batman’s Port Phillip Syndicate has been touted as a man of integrity but he was a manipulator, murderer and child abductor.


Billibelleri, the Last Wurundjeri Songman

Billibelleri demonstrated the prodigious memory required to continually learn songs, stories, and ceremonies and so ultimately progressed to the high status of Songman, the second most senior position in a tribe.


Aboriginal Leader Simon Wonga, the Horse Whisperer

Many early settlers observed with amazement at how accurately Aboriginal people could mimic the calls and movements of animals, and the voices and mannerisms of people, but Simon Wonga was something else.



Jagga-Jagga is an almost mythical figure from early colonial times in Victoria. This is attributable in part to his tribal role as Kidney-Fat Man (Marmbulakul) or tribal executioner.

Copy of uncle-reg-blow.jpg

Uncle Reg Blow

Uncle Reg Blow (1939-2012) was a Senior Elder in the Melbourne Aboriginal community. A pioneer in developing Aboriginal community services, he was a person of vision and impeccable character.

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